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About us is built to help aquatic professionals and hobbyists ship fish, corals, invertebrates, and supplies easily, securely and affordably., along with our other All Pro Shipping sites, has successfully shipped over 250,000 packages—on time.




Business partners since 1993, Chad Brown and Robyn Markland make a formidable team with skills and personalities that complement each other well.  They met while attending school at the University of Colorado where Chad played football and Robyn worked at a CD store.  Eventually, Robyn began managing Chad’s growing business, Pro Exotics Reptiles, while Chad traveled during his college and professional football years. Together, they built it up into one of the premier reptile facilities in the US.

In 2009, they launched a shipping company that included ShipYourAquatics, opening a world of safe, legitimate, and affordable shipping for hobbyists and professionals across the country. 

Due to a tragic fire in 2011 that destroyed the Pro Exotics facilities, Robyn and Chad have stepped away from breeding live animals and set their full attention on service and information.  They now run three separate companies: All Pro Shipping (the parent company of ShipYourReptiles & ShipYourAquatics), The Reptile Report, and THG Heat.

Chad and his wife, Kristin, make their home in Denver, Colorado, with two golden doodles named Charlie Brown and Snoopy Brown.  Throughout the fall and winter football season, Chad is a broadcaster for both NFL and college ball, working almost every weekend in both television and radio.  With so much going on, he has little time for hobbies, but when given the chance will indulge in body surfing, mountain biking, and great food. 

Robyn and his wife, Nicci, adopted an adorable pair of dogs from a local shelter.  Robyn loves doing CrossFit, Brazilian jiu jitsu, and mountain biking.  He also travels a lot for both work and pleasure and is always on the look-out for the world’s best sushi. 



Actively field herping since he was 8, and having kept and bred many species since the mid 80s, Jorden is passionate about working with reptiles, especially in the field. His photography has been published in several books and after 15 years of a sales management career, he shifted focus to web & application development as well as marketing & graphic design which he had been doing on the side since the birth of the Web in the mid-90s. Now he can combine his experience in development with his passion for everything reptile. There are big things brewing and Jorden is thrilled to be a part of it.



After helping to build The Reptile Report and crewing its helm as Editor in Chief for its first three years, Judy shifted gears and hats, moving over into the world of shipping to manage the thousands of accounts at ShipYourReptiles and ShipYourAquatics. 

Judy has retired as one of the owner/administrators of after more than ten years, but is still passionate about educating animal lovers on the proper care of reptiles as pets.  After 28 years of service, Judy's Air Force office husband finally retired and moved the family to San Antonio, Texas to settle down, hopefully for good.

If you have any questions regarding your SYR/SYA account or shipping rates, Judy will take care of you!



AJ is a French transplant and has called Colorado home for the past 27 years. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her daughter and family, reading books, making art, and going on hikes. AJ has two snakes: a banana spider ball python named Hei Hei, and a California King snake named Domino, both of whom were shipped through SYR. She also she shares her office with Fernando, a massive Mexican beaded lizard.



Doc, our "Dr. of Aquatic Shipping," is a steady, consistent, dedicated member of our SYR/SYA team and he always provides excellent customer service to our live shippers!


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We are FedEx-certified to ship live aquatic animals, including fish, coral and invertebrates, to residences.  Every customer who ships with us gets the same high-level customer support as a million-dollar shipper.

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